Rio in the forties was an oasis in a world fraught by war. Its star was Heleno de Freitas, (a stand-out performance by Rodrigo Santoro), a footballer, whose violent temper both on and off the field led to his decline in the late fifties. Shot in luminous black and white, José Henrique Fonseca’s feature film evokes Heleno’s glory days when he was king of Rio’s night and day, to his lonely end in a sanatorium due to untreated syphilis.

Technical Information

  • 2011
  • Director: José Henrique Fonseca
  • Script: José Henrique Fonseca, Fernando Castets and Felipe Bragança
  • Producer: Rodrigo Teixeira, José Henrique Fonseca, Eduardo Pop and Rodrigo Santoro
  • Executive Producer: Beto Bruno and Eliane Ferreira
  • Director of  Photography: Walter Carvalho and ABC
  • Art Director: Marlise Storchi
  • Film Editor: Sérgio Mekler
  • Sound Recordist: Jorge Saldanha
  • Sound Designer: Walmir Xavier
  • Sound Mixer: Michael Semanick and Rodrigo Noronha
  • Music: Berna Ceppas
  • Cast: Rodrigo Santoro, Alinne Moraes, Angie Cepeda e Erom Cordeiro


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